COACHING £139.99

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This service is for all individuals, whether that's competition prep, off-seasons or simply for those looking to get into shape, below is an insight into what you shall receive


Your diet will cover a macronutrient breakdown for both your training and non-training days. Within this, nutrient timing is based on the hours in which you can eat, alongside this, I will provide meals examples for you to incorporate and a supplement list based on your goal


Each block consists of 8 weeks, programming will be tailored based on the equipment that you have access to. We shall work towards gaining strength and performance along with improving weaker areas 


Each week you will receive a video check in discussing any questions or queries you may have. I shall assess how your week has gone, discussing with you how your weeks training, nutrition, sleep and recovery has been. Changes will be made accordingly   

This service isn't for time wasters and as my client I expect 100% dedication from you throughout your program

DUAL PLAN £149.99

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This service is for individuals that do not require monthly coaching. The one off £149.99 covers the following


You will receive 2 x 4 week blocks of macronutrients based on your goal. Within each block will be your nutrient timing and macros for EACH meal. I will also provide a full day of eating, programming foods based on your macros, alongside this you will also too receive a supplementation guide and PDF on sleep and recovery


Once I receive your gym equipment list, I will programme your eight week split based on your goal. Within this 8 week training programme will be two rotations, these sessions can be log booked via the g-drive app

For those that want either a single training OR diet plan you will receive what is mentioned above for a one off £99.99


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Please have any recent BLOOD TESTS ready to send via email. Once these have been assessed, an initial consultation will occur with the client to understand their goal, a steroid cycle will be created depending on either a cutting or bulking phase, covering dosages, injection protocols on cycle support and PCT.


The client will also have full access to myself via email throughout the duration of the cycle

SKYPE £49.99

This is a one to one service for anyone that wants to discuss anabolic steroid usage, PCT and any other queries regarding AAS or diet and training